Landivar Architects

Cliff Approach

The symmetry of the proposed semi detached properties creates a subtle order to the elevation, whilst also recognising the dominant architectural form of the area as being double handed dwellings with a private garden to the rear.

The proposal mediates sensitively between the street and the private domain by use of the same materials for the boundary treatment as the main structure: white concrete, aluminium railings. The edge treatment creates a sense of privacy without excessive height by the combination of railings and planting. There is a quality of layered sreening and veiled transparency that permeates the front elevation and will provide a rich and interesting addition to the street scene.

The mass of the structural flank wall to the East elevation is enlivened and animated by the projecting bay windows forming a bold tableau of their own, articulating the piercing of light into the dense mass of the structure. The third floor is then a light and filigree structure floating atop the building, with opaque glazing to the East and North and a step back to form a generous roof terrace with views to the sea.

The design of the roof is such that it reads as a light structure with an elegant profile, with a slight cantilever providing shading and further adding to the effect of lightness to the top floor of these 3 storey buildings.