Landivar Architects

Whitehaven Proposal

White Haven Lake District

The proposal has been generated to consider the urban integration of the scheme on a human scale.

The proposal is formed of four distinct blocks running perpendicular to the harbour promenade. The separation of the units creates three pedestrian lanes to connect Strand Street to the marina promenade allowing both physical and visual access to the harbour. The landscaped and tree lined lanes between each block contain all primary entrances and are overlooked by ground floor offices creating a pleasant working environment, it also allows a permeability to the site that encourages integration within the community.

The four blocks visually break up the site and allow for a high density with out the sense of enclosure. The rear of the proposal has been stepped down to relate to the scale of the Georgian town houses.

The fa├žade of the individual blocks are a contemporary interpretation of the surrounding context. The appearance of the proposal facing the harbour has been generated from the proportional relationships found within Georgian structures. The contemporary interpretation of proportions of the facades is formal with clear elegant apertures and fenestration that relate to the historic setting. It is proposed to refurbish the former baths structure respecting conservation to provide office space