Landivar Architects


The proposal draws on a long tradition of sea-side buildings. Compositionally, there are references to the regency approach to the relationship of primary elevation and and the secondary flanking elevations but with the building materials taken from a more contemporary palette.

The pallete of building materials consists of:

White precast concrete
Frameless glass winter gardens
And white brick.

The proposals primary elevation is composed of a series of floor to ceiling glazed openings, projecting white pre cast balconies with frameless glass balustrades and winter gardens. The development of the design language is based on the numerous historic examples based along the Kingsway, the best of which is the grand fa├žade of Lewes Crescent. The proposal is a contemporary reworking of the glazed / enclosed balcony.

The penthouse has a more restrained expression. It is set back the front, rear and sides and clad in a mixture of white and clear glass

The rear of the proposal is more modest in appearance and primarily is concerned with the reduction of loss of privacy issues. The elevation is composed of white brick with square insets, profilit and aluminium framed windows. The elevation is softened with a large green wall formed of clematis and honeysuckle.

The proposal is sited in a very prominent and high profile position, on the sea front , the East and West perspectives from Kingsway have therefore been carefully considered:

The street frontage at boundary level will be enlivened with interesting and native planting behind a low boundary wall articulated with different height piers marking the different vehicular and pedestrian entrances. These will be accessed through timber slatted gates.
The front elevation of the building shows the balconies as distinctive and separate elements at a scale and proportion that relate well to the neighbouring balconies. It is an animated facade that will provides visual interest to this stretch of Kingsway.

The set back and respectful height of the penthouse apartment on the top floor creates a clearly recognisable ridge line continuum between the Princes Marine Hotel and Viceroy Lodge to the East, fitting in to the existing urban fabric.

From the West, there is an opportunity with the proposal to mask the blank flanking elevation of the Princes Marine Hotel by providing a flank wall to the proposal with visual interest. The different materials ( precast concrete, white brick and white glass) together with the panel indentations and articulation of the materials all serve to animate this elevation. and give respite to the existing blank condition.