Landivar Architects

Commercial Road Eastbourne

The proposed layout respects the scale of the surrounding existing buildings to the south. It also responds to the newer developments to the north (Esher House and St Mary’s House) by mediating between the two scales. The design is based on promoting the street frontage to the south forming a much needed bridge between the commercial office buildings and car parks to the north and the residential fabric of Commercial road to the south.

The vehicular access to the block reflects the mews entrances of the houses opposite, passing through a gated entrance to 7 car parking spaces that are not visible from the street . The bin and cycle store are incorporated into this area. The no of car parking allocations is in line with local policy, the proposal being in a central location, there should be 1 car parking space for every 2 units. The pedestrian access to the development is from both the car park and a more public communal entrance from the street.

Each of the ground floor units also has its own entrance direct from the street, replicating the surrounding terraced housing. The proposal includes screening to the windows of the proposed east elevation in order to limit over-looking from the existing car park.